Math Models And Gambling Probability-Related Scholarship

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Looking for the scholarship to appreciate your skills and knowledge? Are you good at math and well-aware of the math models?
Let your knowledge work! Get a $500 Scholarship for being smart, unique, and effective! We’re open to the most creative, insane and provocative ideas on how to predict the winning chances when playing online roulettes—American, French, and European ones. is in search of the brand-new, innovative, and unique ideas! We’re ready and eager to pay for the best ideas!

The Task and Details

The task: 

The candidates are expected to write a paper on roulette winning probability prediction using math models and comparative approach for the probabilities of winning in American, French, and European roulettes.

More details:

  • Be sure to analyze the roulette types mentioned (American, French, and European) using math models
  • Use math model(s) to explain the optimal winning probability in each of the games (to explain and compare the winning probabilities in each of the roulette types separately using the math model(s) and visuals (charts, graphs, etc.))
  • Showcase the real application of your idea(s)
  • (Optional) Add up any media files you think appropriate/necessary
  • Upload your paper to Google Scholar with the title: “NativeCasinos: Math Models For Roulette Winning Probability Comparison” (Use this link to find out how you can upload your papers to Google Scholar)
  • Indicate your name and surname
  • Send the link to your paper on Google Scholar and send it to the email located below.

Technical Requirements:

  • Use one of the formats (MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.)
  • Format your papers Times New Roman, 12 Font Size, double-spaced, left-aligned
  • Use headings to separate the sections of the text
  • Be concise and avoid being vague
  • Use at least 3 academic sources.


Take a look at our requirements to all candidates:

  1. Be over 18 y.o.
  2. Be a Bachelor/Master’s degree full-time student
  3. Have knowledge/expertise in math models
  4. Be aware of the roulette types and their mechanics
  5. Ensure you provide a unique approach to forecasting the successful bets in roulettes using math models.

Contacts And Deadlines

Be sure to send your ideas by 2021-01-15. All of the works received after the deadline are not eligible for scholarship and will automatically be excluded.

All scholarship paper links are to be sent to [email protected]

Good luck!