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How We Rate Online Casinos

Our experts came up with an idea to create a special comparing tool for taking into account all the most important parameters like payment methods/options, deposits, games variety, and many other factors! So, we’re sure, it’s going to really facilitate your search of the best casino to gamble online!


ReputationBefore assessing any online casino, we tend to seek some background information to be aware of the hidden points and general details. In such a way, we check if the reputation of the casino is sound or not. If it’s not, it doesn’t mean that we will not proceed with the other criteria. We’ll investigate everything!


Safety And Security

securityTo check if it is worth playing online with a particular web casino, we dig out all possible details about the security aspect. It means that both your stay online and your payments should be protected by both the casino itself and by the payment systems it cooperates with. Herein, we usually pay attention to the refund policies being possible.


Payment Options

Payment OptionsThe diversity of the payment options is a sign of a reliable web-based gambling platform. Along with this, we pay attention to the number of currencies to be used, speed of payouts, and transaction pending time. So, you’ll not have to seek more information on the external sources.


Casino Bonuses

Casino BonusesBy monitoring all of the newest and most attractive bonus and promotions offers by each casino in a separate way, we’ll provide you with the perfect layout to choose. What’s more, we also review the VIP features of each casino online to let you be aware of every detail!



Client Support

Client SupportBeing not the most prominent criterion, Client Support is still necessary to be analyzed, since this is the way how you can either get informed on the news from the casinos or resolve your casino-related problems. Herein, we assess not only the means of getting some assistance (like email or live chat) but also the speed and the quality of the service.



UsabilityIf the casino is compatible with all possible mobile devices it cannot but is one of the fabulous sides. If you love a particular online casino but it is not supported by the mobile devices, it’ll signify that there are some issues with the casino to omit.



Our Experience

Our ExperienceAfter all of the criteria are summed up, we can share our own experience of using a particular web casino to let you have some additional impressions. So, merely each of our reviews are a conglomerate and synthesis of the exact facts and our professional (but still personal) experience.

Besides, the importance, or wight, of each of the criteria enlisted can be exemplified in the following way:

how we rate

What is more, we would like to explain why our casino and gambling experts are the best (but don’t think we’re as cocky as the king of spades, no way)! Intrigued? Sure, you are! Just see it,

However, we are to show you the way Canadian gambling industry is built and what key and the most significant facts you are to know to have luck! So, you will find out so much new and unique information on this webpage, so just have enough patience to have it read till the end, and you will be armed with the most unbelievable tools to win every time when you either sign in an online casino Canada or when you enter a land based casino, as well!

In order to make everything properly and show you all the necessary data about gambling in Canada online, we will post here the following super-duper-mega interesting top notch facts, so that you will have no other chance but win and win and win and again win all the time! Thus, this page contains,

So, we are sure you’re all ears interested in the best online gambling sites Canada, and cannot wait anymore to start in reading!

How We Award Points

You might notice that each of our online casinos reviews is accompanied with the specially designed rating by NativeCasinos. We locate it just because we want you to see the level of our trust to each particular gambling venue.

Hence, the points as for the reputation of a casino are awarded in the following manner:

As a result, if you see that a particular review gives, say, 7 out of 10, it means that this casino is not ideal but it is far off the absolutely negative experiences. If we reward 10/10, evidently, it is a perfect place to gamble, as NativeCasinos believes. Nothing complicated, right?

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