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Roulette Max Bet Review – High Limit Roulette

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Hey our dear roulette fans!

Are you seeking out truly huge cashouts from the online casino Canada real money platforms? Do you need to pick up the most reliable casino to play online roulette max bet? Evidently, max bet casino roulette is the top priority at the best online casino for Canadians and for high rollers who place really high stakes and expect the huge winning rates instead.

A casino roulette max bet is a casino game for high rollers. Nevertheless, there are other categories of gamblers interested in this game, too.

Find out all about minimum and maximum stakes limits and the peculiarities of playing online casino max bet roulette. We’ll also tell you what developers produce online and live roulette max bet games and will recommend you what Canadian online casinos are best to play at.

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Min And Max Bet Limits Explained

Despite the game, it has certain stakes limits, called min and max stakes. Roulette is evidently not an exception.

“Min stake is the smallest sum of money you need to bet to play the game.”

“Max stake is the largest sum of money you bet in a particular game.”

Evidently, you can’t bet less than the min bet and can’t bet more than the max bet.

Low Stakes vs. High Stakes

Games with low stakes won’t let you win a lot of money—they’ll grant you much fun and real cash gambling excitement not affecting your budget.

The high stakes games aren’t for fun only. Instead, they give you an opportunity to gain really huge winnings. That’s why roulette machine max bet is so incredibly popular with experienced punters and high rollers!

Evidently, the stakes limits are different based on the game developer and/or casino’s limits. Talking about roulette in particular, usually, the stakes limits range for inside and outside bets. It’s usually specified by the casino to avoid any kind of suspicion of cheating gamblers. There might also be different stakes size limitations for each table and player at the same table.

Yes, it might be confusing. However, don’t fall for it as you start playing it. You’ll see it yourself that it’s quite straightforward, in fact! It’s because all the limits are clearly posted near the table of a land-based casino or the min and max stakes are clearly communicated at an online casino. Should you be playing live roulette, you’ll get informed about the limits by a live dealer beforehand.

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Your Stake Limit Size

The procedure of min and max stakes limits setting  is different for land-based gambling clubs and for the casino websites. Playing in a land-based location, the only way to learn the min and max stakes is to move between different tables.

Since the stakes limits for different tables may differ considerably, it’s quite challenging to find the table with the max stakes.

Figuring out the stakes limit is much easier on gambling websites since in most cases the min and max stakes are clearly stated in the review of the game you intend to play. There might be a really huge contrast between the min and max stakes. Let’s say the min bet might be just C$1, while the max can be up to C$1000!

We recommend you to determine your stake size based on your gambling intentions. For instance, if you’re after real cash gambling just for fun, then there’s no point in placing any other bet than the minimum one. But if you’re after huge winnings, placing the max stake is the optimal variant for you.

Recomended Max Bet Casinos

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Roulette Professional Series Limits

Roulette Professional Series is an online roulette where you can make your stakes based on the limit type. Check the limit types in the table below.

Type Of The Limit Min And Max Bets
Low limit $0.10–$50
Standard limit $1–$500
High limit $10–$6,000
VIP limit $25–$90,000

This game is quite a liberal, since it lets you place stakes based on the limit type you are interested in. In case you haven’t heard about this kind of roulette game before, here’s a brief guide to this game.

Roulette Professional Series: An Overview

The Roulette Professional Series game is played according to the rules of European Roulette:

  • There are 37 number pockets: from 0 to 36
  • There’s just one single zero pocket
  • The table layouts has a standard zone specially designed for inside and outside stakes
  • The table layout includes a racetrack for neighbour bets
  • There’s a single view with a fixed angle
  • All the game’s elements that need to be on the table are presented together
  • There are no La Partage and En Prison Rules, meaning the house has a slightly higher advantage than the games played with La Partage and En Prison Rules
  • You can place either one or various bets
  • There’s a chance to combine regular stakes with special stakes patterns
  • That only restriction in this game is the table limit.

Nevertheless, this game is really worth playing, for its long-term RTP is high—97.30%. So, this kind of a wheel game is definitely worth playing for real money with the max bets.

Roulette Professional Series: Inside Bets

The inside bets in this game are the following:

  • Straight Up
  • Split
  • Three Line
  • Corner, and
  • Six Line.

The payouts range from 17:1 to 35:1, which is pretty typical for European Roulette and similar games.

Usually, inside maximum stakes are lower than outside max bets, as since they have much higher payouts. For example, if the inside max bet is C$100, in order to meet this requirement, you can place 4 individual numbers bets, each of which is worth C$25.

Roulette Professional Series: Outside Bets

The outside bets have the following options:

  • High 18 or Low 18
  • Red or Black
  • Even or Odd
  • Dozen, and
  • Left or Middle or Right.

Evidently, the outcome probability for the outside bets is much higher, which means that their payouts are much lower.

For instance,

  • High or Low, Red or Black, and Even or Odd are paid off 1:1, while
  • Dozen, and Left or Middle or Right are paid off 2:1.

As for the outside max bet that includes such options as High 18 or Low 18, Red or Black, Even or Odd, columns or dozens, you can place as many of them as you want. However, you should keep in mind that the total sum of all the outside stakes you place can’t exceed the total outside max bet limit.

Basically, if the outside max bet is C$300, you can place either several separate bets whose total sum won’t exceed C$300 or you can place a single bet that mustn’t exceed C$300. That’s entirely up to you which variant works best.

Keep in mind the distinct advanced stakes options and all the available opportunities resulting from them. You can place the neighbor bets either by choosing a preferred number or selecting a zone.

Opting for the selected number,expand the settings menu and choose the number of neighbouring pockets that you want this bet to cover. There’s also such a best category as special stakes available in the expandable menu. It contains neighbour bets and indicates the number of chips required for a single bet.

The available options are the following:

  • Finales Cheval and
  • Finales en Plain.

Basically special and neighbor stakes are the combination of regular inside stakes. Thus their payouts are equivalent.

As for min inside and outside stakes they work quite similarly to the max limit. If the min bet is C$10, you’ll place 10 or so stakes equalling C$1 or so for each, yet their total sum can’t be less than the min bet limit.

You can check the most typical max bet limits for different kinds of inside and outside stakes. Please, keep in mind that all these figures aren’t the same for all casinos. They depict the prevailing average tendencies differing from one gambling website to another. Pay attention to the difference between the size limit of inside and outside stakes.

Inside Bets Max Bet Limit Outside Bets Max Bet Limit
Straight-up (1 number) C$5000 Dozens C$60,000
Split (2 numbers) C$10,000 Columns C$60,000
Street (3 numbers) C$15,000 Odd or Even C$100,000
Corner (4 numbers) C$20,000 Low18 or High18 C$100,000
Double Street (6 numbers) C$30,000 Red or Black C$100,000

Why Are There Any Betting Limits?

You might think that there’s absolutely no difference for the casino how large or small your bet is. Nonetheless, in fact, that’s absolutely wrong. All the limits exist for the only reason—casinos want to protect themselves from losing much money at once.

Let’s presume that it’s your lucky day. Every single bet you place is a winning one. Evidently, you keep increasing your stakes hoping to increase the total sum of your winning pot. Let’s assume, luck is still on your side. If there are no betting limits, you can place an incredibly high bet and win a lot of money per game. Do you think it’s good for a casino? Evidently, not.

That’s why the casino sets stakes limits in order to protect itself from heavy losses in case you place a really huge bet and win. For the same reason, the payouts are limited too.

Besides, we highly recommend you to check the payout limits to make sure you’ll be able to withdraw all the money you win. Don’t neglect checking the payout limits since you might end up really disappointed in the long run.

For instance, if the payout limit is C$10000, there’s absolutely no sense for your wager to be C$350 because your total winning sum in this case would be C$12250, yet you will only get C$10000 because of the limit. In such a way, you’ll simply lose C$2250, which would be quite frustrating, huh?

To avoid such disappointing situations, make sure you know the payout limit and place your bet of such a size so that your potential winning doesn’t exceed the payout limit.

Another option to consider is to look for an online casino whose payout limit would be high enough to place as high stakes as you want without reaching the limit at the same time.

Top Max Bet Roulette Developers And Casinos

In case you are considering the best roulette games available in any Canadian online casino, we kindly suggest you to check the table below to see all the top roulette options to place really high stakes.

In the table, you can also find info regarding the casino software provider who has developed each of the selected games. In case the bet size matters to you most, choose the game with the highest max bet possible.

Game Max Bet Developer Casinos
Mini Roulette Online Game 3000 Playtech online casinos 888, Party Casino, 777, LeoVegas
European Roulette 300 Play’n Go casinos Playamo, CasinoLand
Premium French Roulette 4000 Playtech 888, Party Casino, 777 , LeoVegas
American Roulette 250 RTG casinos Room casino
3D Roulette 4000 Playtech 888, Party Casino, 777, LeoVegas
French Roulette Pro Series 500 Netent casinos Playamo, Bob Casino, Casimba
American Roulette 50 Microgaming casinos Playamo, Jackpot City, RoyalVegas
European Roulette Gold Series 970 Microgaming Playamo, Jackpot City, RoyalVegas
Premium American Roulette 4000 Playtech 888, Party Casino, 777, LeoVegas
Premium European Roulette 4000 Playtech 888, Party Casino, 777, LeoVegas
Premier Roulette 2200 Microgaming Playamo, Jackpot City, RoyalVegas
French Roulette 500 Netent Playamo, Bob Casino, Casimba Casino
Roulette Pro 500 Netent Playamo, Bob Casino, Casimba Casino
Multi-wheel European Roulette Gold Series 11840 Microgaming Playamo, Jackpot City, RoyalVegas
Premier Roulette Diamond Edition 1000 Microgaming Playamo, Jackpot City, RoyalVegas
European Roulette 500 Netent Playamo, Bob Casino, Casimba Casino
Common Draw Roulette 500 Betsoft casinos Playamo, Bob Casino
European Roulette 250 RTG Room Casino

Be advised to test some more roulette options on our Free casino games page! You’ll get a guru of roulette games! Or you may be interested in the Playtech casino list we prepared for you exclusively!


Low limit ($0.10–$50), Standard limit ($1–$500), High limit ($10–$6,000), VIP limit ($25–$90,000).

There are two types of bets:

  • The inside bets (Straight Up, Split, Three Line, Corner, and Six Line) and
  • The outside stakes (High 18 or Low 18, Red or Black, Even or Odd, Dozen, and Left or Middle or Right).

Absolutely not. They are extremely different in fact. The payouts for inside bets range from 17:1 to 35:1. It’s typical for European Roulette and similar games.

It depends on the roulette type. For instance, for American roulette house edge is 5.26%. European roulette has a house edge of 2.70%. The most favourable house edge is for French roulette—1.35% owing to the La Partage rule.

That’s a really good question to ask. The casino regulates its interest rates and gamblers’ probability to win in such a way.

Mini Roulette Online Game, European Roulette, Premium French Roulette, American Roulette, 3d Roulette, French Roulette Pro Series, etc.

You’ll simply won’t get the sum of money that exceeds the limit. In such a way, your winnings will be reduced to the sum of limits. Don’t neglect checking the payout limits since you might end up really terribly disappointed in the long run.

Playtech, Play’n Go, Real Time Gaming, Netent, Microgaming, and Betsoft.

Playamo, Casino Land, 888 Casino, Party Casino, 777 Casino, LeoVegas, etc.

Usually, the limit is approved by the casino authorities and can’t be negotiated.

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