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Hey, slot lovers! We bet you know what’s the coolest thing of online slots! Of course, it’s cool special features that help you win and let you have even more fun! Among the tastiest slots features, there definitely can be singled out various wild symbols since they are the ones that you will surely love most! In addition, this is among the most widespread slots features since it appears in different kinds of slots, be it classic pokies, video slots, or even progressive jackpots!

Well, so there are really many types of wild symbol slots. How to choose the best one for you then? Good news is that on our website you can try different Wild Symbol slots absolutely for free if you go to the free slots web page. In such a way, you will be familiarized with various wild symbol slots to be able to choose the one that appeals to you most! We do recommend that you try demo version of free slots to see how different wild symbols work before you plunge into real cash gambling!

Basically, this web page serves to comprehensively inform you about these symbols, their types, and slots where you can enjoy them! Read this article carefully to be thoroughly aware of this coolest pokies bonus feature!

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Wild Symbol Explained

A wild symbol is basically a slot bonus feature that you can experience in mostly all online pokies. Generally speaking, wilds can be compared to a joker since its function is technically the same. Specifically, this coolest pokies bonus feature serves to substitute whichever other symbol on the reels in order to increase your chances to get a winning combination. However, you should bear in mind that wilds can’t stand for other bonus symbols.

Now, you might wonder how this coolest pokies bonus feature look for you to know that it is on the reels, right? The thing is that there’s no universal symbol for all slots. In fact, the very icon of this coolest pokies bonus feature differs from one slot to another depending on the pokies theme. Usually, the wild symbol can visually represent the pokies name itself.

Types of Wild Symbols

As you might have guessed already, there are many types of this coolest pokies bonus feature. We have compiled the most comprehensive list of them and have transformed it into the table that you can see below. Check it carefully to be perfectly aware of all the types that might turn up on the reels while you’re playing the slot of your choice.

Type of WildsDescriptionGame Examples
ColossalSubstitute all other icons except for Colossal bonus symbols. Usually occupy a certain section on the reels, specifically the area that equals either 2×2 (four) or 3×3 (nine) icons. Depicted as a giant skull. Appear only during free spins rounds. Result in massive wins.Spinata Grande
GeneratorsThis feature appears when there’s a winning combination on the reels that includes whichever of the top icons specifically on the second, third, and fourth rows. It’s basically an avalanche feature, which means that the icons  disappear after the win, while other symbols appear on their places instead. If another winning combination comes on the reels right after the previous one, the wild generators stay to create another avalanche feature.Quest for Immortality
StickyThese are your best friends indeed. Usually appear in video slots in order to make up a winning combination along the bet lines, which is highly beneficial for you! What’s exceptionally advantageous about sticky symbols is that they remain exactly in the place where they previously landed on the reels. Every time they appear, they also grant free spins. In case they continue turning up, they stick all the time to foster subsequent winning combinations and increase your total winnings!Attraction, Stickers, Lucky Angler
Expanding CloningInstead of one wild symbol, you can get many of them! Usually Expanding Cloning Wilds appear on the second or fourth reel. Can expand up to two paces vertically, duplicate the Wild stack symbol to the right mirroring it on the left. In such a way, it serves to create Colossal Wild symbols.Thief, Sparks, Secret Code
Sparks ExpandingBasically, it’s a symbol that serves to substitute wild icons. Appear during free spins rounds as well as during the regular game play. Basically, they recreate the surrounding icons to grant you the highest possible winning combination.Vegas Party, Steam Tower
StackedSimilar to Colossal Wilds because of their tendency to occupy more space on the reels. Usually, they run vertically creating more potential wins. In some slots, they appear only during free spins rounds exceptionally in the centre reel, while in others they appear during the regular game play and can cover the entire reel to trigger free spins. There can be different combinations, as you can see.Steam Tower, Dracula,


WalkingThis is a truly unique feature. Typical for NetEnt games. Pop up on the reels to grant you respins. When you get one, the walking wild goes one place to the left. As many times Walking Wild pop up on the reels, as many respins you’ll get and winning combinations will appear.Jack and The Beanstalk, Invisible Man
RandomThis feature actions is really hard to predict which follows from its name. Their main peculiarity is that they appear only when there are no Stacked Wilds on the reels. There can be as many as 6 of them at the same time, so your winning chances are substantially increased when this symbol is on the reels.Zombies, The Wish Master
Straight and DiagonalThese symbols are evidently of different nature. While Straight can appear only on the third vertical row, Diagonal can pop up across the second and or the fourth reels. If both types of symbols are on the reels, Straight Wild dominates punching the Diagonal across the reels and transforms all the touched icons by the flying symbols into the wilds.Fisticuffs
DuplicationIt serves to transform certain slot symbols into the wild by the way of duplicating it in order to increase your winning chances.Wonky Wabbits
SpreadingThese symbols make their neighbours turn into wilds as well to increase the number of winning combinations.Egg Omatic, Creature from the Black Lagoon
FloatingAppear during the regular game play as well as free spins mode. Selects from two to four symbols and randomly turns them into the wilds. This feature doesn’t really grant you wins because of its random nature, yet it certainly makes the game much more exciting.Lights
OverlayThey can appear on the reels covering from three to five symbols combining them with the neighbouring symbols, which might result in a win along any of the bet lines.South Park: Reel Chaos
GoldenAnything touched by this cool pokies feature turn to gold. Usually turns up in the centre reel, may well result into several winning combinations right away.Pandora’s Box, Wild Witches, Excalibur
ReelsExtremely similar to Stacked Wilds, can cover the entire reels, more winning opportunities are granted therefore!Secret of the Stones
LinkedCan turn other symbols located on the adjacent reels into wilds. Can appear in two ways as Lightning Wilds that pop up during the regular game play on the second, third, and fourth reels and spread across them to form winning combinations and Fire Wilds whose function is absolutely the same, yet they appear only during free spins rounds.Frankenstein


In fact, there are many types of wilds, such as Straight and Diagonal, Duplication, Sticky, Expanding Cloning, Random, Spreading, Colossal, Generators, Overlay, Golden, Wild, Sparks Expanding, Stacked, Walking, Floating, Linked etc. Evidently, each symbol has its special features, so you’d better check the table in the section above to see the peculiarities of each of them as well as the games where you can experience them.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win every time the wild symbol pops up because all of them are different by the way they work, and some of them are rather random, which means that they aren’t aimed at forming a winning combination.

There are many worthy slots where you can play with wild symbols. Above all, our respected experts can single out the following options: Spinata Grande, Quest for Immortality, Attraction, Stickers, Lucky Angler, Thief, Sparks, Secret Code, Vegas Party, Steam Tower, Steam Tower, Dracula, Thunderfist, Jack and The Beanstalk, Invisible Man, Zombies, The Wish Master, Fisticuffs, Wonky Wabbits, Egg Omatic, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Lights, South Park: Reel Chaos, Pandora’s Box, Wild Witches, Excalibur, Secret of the Stones, Frankenstein etc.


To sum up, wild symbols is a real godsend for all gamblers since they add fun to the game play as well as substantially enhance your winning chances! There are different types of wild symbols, such as Colossal, Generators, Sticky, Expanding Cloning, Sparks Expanding, Stacked, Walking, Random, Straight and Diagonal, Duplication, Spreading, Floating, Overlay, Golden, Linked. Check the FAQ section below to have more of your questions answered.

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