Privacy Policy

We, the team of Native Casinos, heartily believe that your privacy is the top priority. That’s why our visitors’ personal data is perfectly protected on our website and is used exceptionally according to your privacy rights. All the data that you provide as your personal identification is safely stored and carefully used only within the agreement that you signed while accepting our terms and conditions.

Our policies regarding the privacy apply to the website Native Casinos and all the webpages that you visit on our website. The Privacy Policies section is specially written to inform you what kind of your personal data can be collected on our website and what are the conditions of its use. Besides, we will inform you here about the circumstances under which we can disclose your personal data to third parties.

Please be aware that this Privacy Policies section deals only with the data collected by our website. All other sources that we use for collecting your personal data can’t be influenced by the Privacy Policies stated in this section.

The Privacy Policies is basically a comprehensive collection of all sorts of rights, obligations, and rules that must be followed and abidden by all the time when you use our website. Please be informed that you can be asked to accept some additional terms if there’s such a need.

Native Casinos collects all the information from the browsers and servers that is not regarded to as personally-identifying. This kind of information let us know what browser you exploit, what language you use, when you visit the site and what references are on the site. This information isn’t regarded as personal and might look insignificant for you. However, it is essential for us to collect this data in order to understand how you use our website and how we can improve to be even more helpful for you.

We form our own aggregated database containing all you non personally-identifying information and release it occasionally as a generalized report that reflects all the key trends of the website exploitation.

In addition, we collect some of your personally-identifying information, such as IP addresses. However, you shouldn’t worry. We won’t disclose this data unless there arise special circumstances enlisted below.

In come cases, you can be asked to provide your additional personal data for safety reasons. You have nothing to be afraid of since we keep it safely and won’t disclose to third party unless the circumstances force us to do so.

You can be sure that all your personal and not personally-identifying data is stored on the server safely and will definitely not leak nor be misused. We use the best security tools to protect your private info. Even though the security system of our website is reliable, you must be aware that there are always risks. That is why you should be very tentative with any kind of personal data that you provide on the website.

Be informed that we cooperate with different advertising companies, so their ads occasionally appear on our website. That is why every time you see an ad, your gadget is detected by the advertising company so it can collect your personal data available on the device at the moment you see the add in order to create targeting ads based on their analysis of your info. Mind that Native Casinos isn’t liable for that and other ways your personal data can be used by our advertising partners. In case you don’t want to see any ads, you can easily reject them as you change the settings at the page with Google Ad Preferences or exploit certain plug-ins for the browser you use.

Our website has external links that will take you to other platforms. As soon as you click on the external link and get there, mind that we are not responsible for the consequences. Since we can’t control the content and policies of the websites of third parties, we can just warn you to be careful and attentively check all the terms and conditions of all the websites you visit in order to avoid the unexpected outcome.

We do admit that there are affiliate links on our website. Even though we do benefit from them, it certainly doesn’t mean that you can financially suffer from that. In fact, the prices you pay aren’t affected at all.

We don’t use cookies on the website, however we exploit Google Analytics to track your online activities. In such a way, we can track the time and frequency of your visits of our website which will help to improve our cooperation with you. There’s no need to worry because it doesn’t violate your privacy.

There are certain circumstances under which we can disclose your personal data. First, if that’s the only way to make sure that our website functions properly and all its functions are available. Second, we can share your personal info if the third parties guarantee that they won’t transmit it to anyone else. If you use our website, you agree that your personal data can be transferred to whichever venues where the third parties can be located.

Mind that we don’t use you personal data for commercial reasons. We can only disclose it if the court or government oblige us to. Besides, we have a right to disclose your personal data if we consider that you can threaten the safety of Native Casinos.

Be aware that we possess your contacts, at least the email you registered with on the website. That’s why we can send you emails with all sorts of information, be it the latest updates, recommendations, surveys, ads etc.

Be aware that all your activities on the website can be tracked and statistically analysed. We don’t consider it as personal data that’s why we can share the aggregated database publically.

Just for your information, the Privacy Policies enlisted here can be either slightly or significantly changed. That’s why we strongly advise you to check this webpage on a regular basis in order to stay updated. Doing this, you’ll be aware of any shifts in our policies that is why you can easily avoid unpredictable consequences. If you keep visiting the website after implementation of any kind of updates, we assume that you agree and accept the updated policies.

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