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E-wallet Online Casinos in Canada

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Looking for the most convenient banking option to gamble for real money online? Perhaps, it’s time to consider e-wallets as a really convenient and fast payment method for your gambling activities with the online casinos Canada!

This web page is truly the best way for you to find all the useful info regarding e-wallet as a banking system as well as e-wallet casinos. Specifically, here you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using e-wallet for gambling transactions, find out how to make deposits and withdraw your winnings from your gambling account, look through alternatives to e-wallets for Canadian gamblers etc. Quite an informative article it must be, huh?

Of course, if you played at the casino that accept bitcoin, you’d not like e-wallets much.

Canadian Online Casinos Accepting E-wallets

Below, you can see the table that serves to let you know what are the best Canadian casinos where you can perform all sorts of banking operations using e-wallets. For your convenience, alternative depositing methods are also indicated. Besides, you can see what is the maximum bonus value you can get in the casino of your choice as well as see how many games are available on the gambling website to decide whether or not you are satisfied with it. Choose the best e-wallet online casino for you and go in for gambling right away!

E-wallet Canadian Online Casinos Explained

E-wallet is also known as a digital wallet or purse. Basically, it’s a safe online location where you can store your personal funds. Usually, on e-wallet, you can have several accounts with different currencies. E-wallets can be used for performing any kind of online transactions, including gambling deposits and withdrawals.

In order to get a digital purse, you need to decide which one you want to use and get registered with the digital wallet provider. Evidently, you’ll need to type in all kinds of your personal info and banking details in order to start using an e-wallet.

In order to have at least an acceptable spending limit, you also need to verify all the inserted info. Of course, you can use the e-wallet without verification as well, yet it’s not the best strategy to follow in case you lose your e-wallet details. Besides, you won’t be able to perform big sums operations. Finally, security of an unverified digital wallet is not that high compared to a verified one. That’s why we highly recommend that you verify the e-wallet and enjoy all its useful functions and features to the full.

Be aware that the payment process carried out through digital wallets usually differs from the one by credit or debit cards. Specifically, during the payment process, you have access to all the functions and features of your e-wallet account. These functions and features can include the following: top-ups, currency conversions, access to other banking system providers etc.

Usually, digital wallets are connected to your bank account in order to let you perform all the banking operations really fast and easy. In addition, on the attached bank account, you can monitor your spendings.

Types of E-wallets

Nowadays, there’s a truly lavish selection of various e-wallet alternatives that would be just a perfect banking option for gambling. Check the most popular and recommended ones for Canadian gamblers in the list below.

  • InstaDebit is probably the most popular way for Canadians to carry out their online payment transactions for gambling. You can’t really keep your funds on the InstaDebit account, yet you can still use InstaDebit for safely transferring money from your bank account on your gambling account in the casino that accepts e-wallets, specifically InstaDebit. In addition, InstaDebit employs anti-fraud systems that are considered to be among the most comprehensive in the whole e-commerce and ibanking industry. That’s probably the reason why InstaDebit is among the safest digital wallets and banking options for gambling in general since you don’t need to disclose any of your personal info or sensitive financial details to InstaDebit since it’s technically just a mediator between gamblers and gambling websites. In such a way, all your deposits with InstaDebit are made in a really reasonable and safe way. What also make InstaDebit a really good choice is that with it you can not only make deposits, but also withdraw your winnings, which is a substantial advantage. Another benefit of using InstaDebit is quite a low fee per transaction, which is just CAD$1.95. That’s why InstaDebit is truly the best e-wallet for Canadian gamblers.
  • iDebit along with InstaDebit is among the most popular e-wallets used by Canadian gamblers, which is quite justified by various reasons. First of all, iDebit is a really worthy ewallet for online casinos that serves to safely transfer money from your bank account on your gambling account in the iDebit casino. Doing this, you don’t have to disclose any of your personal info or sensitive financial details to iDebit since it’s simply a mediator between you and the gambling website where you want to play. Moreover, there’s no need to have or use your credit card to perform gambling transactions since iDebit transfers the funds directly from the bank. In such a way, it’s a really safe digital wallet just like InstaDebit. Secondly, as you might have guessed already, the security level of iDebit is as high as the one of InstaDebit. Thirdly, you can not only make deposits with iDebit, but also withdraw your winnings, which is a substantial advantage of this digital payment method. Finally, transaction fees for gambling are extremely low for Canadians, so it’s a really worthy option to consider.
  • PayPal is also among the most widespread payment methods worldwide that you can use in e-wallet casinos. What’s beneficial about this banking option is that you can use the same bank account for various purposes, from doing some shopping online to making deposits to spend on gambling. Making e-wallets transactions using paypal, you can enjoy really high speed and extraordinary safety. Besides, there’s a really convenient app for your smartphone, so we recommend to opt for Paypal if you’re really into mobile gambling. In addition, you can get some really tasty bonuses if you choose to play in a Paypal casino.
  • Skrill is definitely the most popular e-wallet that you can find in literally every single Canadian casino. Skrill was found in 2001, which makes it quite an experienced participant in the e-commerce industry since when it has managed to win love of many gamblers worldwide. So, let’s clarify what’s so cool about it? First of all, it’s recognized as the most convenient digital wallet for Canadian gamblers. It’s definitely the leader compared to all the previously described options since it serves not only as a mediator between you and the gambling website where you want to play, but also it lets you safely store money on the Skrill digital wallet itself. Moreover, you can not only make deposits with Skrill, but also use it for withdrawing your winnings, which is a substantial advantage of this digital banking option. Talking about security of Skrill, all your transactions are sure to be safe. The only disadvantage is that the fees for gambling transactions with Skrill are slightly higher compared to other digital wallets.
  • ecoPayz is also a really good e-wallet to consider for your, our dear Canadian gamblers, gambling transactions. Perhaps, it’s not the top e-wallet compared to its above mentioned alternatives, yet it’s still a good payment method. First and foremost, ecoPayz services oblige you to pay extremely reasonable fees, especially compared to other digital wallets. Secondly, it takes you to make only a few clicks to get registered with ecoPayz, which is considerably beneficial since it saves a lot of time and effort. If you want to replenish your ecoPayz account, you can use a direct bank transfer to do it absolutely free of charge. In comparison, depositing with credit cards will cost you about 2% of the funds you’ve deposited. Why lose this money without any good reason? Just use ecoPayz instead. Talking about currency exchange fees as well as your inactivity period, we want to assure you that all your expenses will be perfectly compensated as soon as you withdraw your winnings from the ecoPayz casino. So, there’s absolutely no need to worry.

As you can see, there are many decent options of e-wallets that are definitely worth considering. Whichever you opt for, we promise that your expectations will be fully met since all the above listed payment methods as well as many other digital wallets is truly the best option for gambling transactions. Interested in learning more of their advantages and disadvantages? Just check the following sections below.

Advantages of E-wallet Casino

E-wallet casinos are considered to be among the safest and best gambling options owing to a lot of advantages listed below.

  • You can use the e-wallet as a mediator between gamblers and gambling websites, which makes it really among the securest payment methods, since you can safely transfer money for gambling from your bank account directly on your gambling account in the casino that accepts e-wallets.
  • In terms of safety, all the info that your e-wallet has access to is securely stored and perfectly encrypted, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Besides, you don’t need to disclose any of your personal info or sensitive financial details, which substantially adds to the safety of this payment method.
  • Digital wallets use anti-fraud systems that are considered to be among the most comprehensive in the whole e-commerce and online banking industry.
  • Most of the e-wallets can be used for both depositing on and withdrawing from your gambling account, which makes it a really good option compared to many other banking alternatives.
  • The fee for gambling transactions are usually quite low compared to other banking services used for gambling transactions. For instance, instaDebit asks you to pay only CAD$1.95 per transaction.
  • What’s also really cool, you can control the funds you’ve spent on gambling by tracking your expenditures in the mobile app that is available for almost every type of e-wallets. Besides, there’s an option to specify the sum of money you’re ready to spend on gambling to prevent your becoming too excited with the gambling process and wasting all of your money.
  • Finally, all the gambling transactions with e-wallets are performed literally instantly, so you don’t have to wait for the money to be deposited on your account for hours or even days. Just confirm the money transfer and start gambling right away!

Safety of E-wallet in Online Gambling

You definitely need to know that e-wallets are extremely safe to use for gambling transactions since all the info that you’ve inserted is stored securely and perfectly encrypted. That’s why you definitely shouldn’t worry about any kind of safety while using e-wallets to make deposits and withdraw your winnings from the gambling account.

Disadvantages of E-wallets

To be perfectly frank with you now, there’s actually nothing to be listed here since e-wallets are truly considered among the best payment methods for gambling.

What might serve as a disadvantage though is that some e-wallets, such as Skrill, might be quite a costly payment method since the fees for every single transaction made with Skrill are much higher compared to other gambling methods. However, other e-wallets, such as InstaDebit and iDebit have extremely low fees, so this disadvantage relates far not to all digital wallets.

Another so-called disadvantage is that you can’t keep funds on your account. Skrill is an exception though. However, it’s not a grave problem after all since it substantially increases your safety.

How to deposit at E-wallets casino

The depositing with e-wallets is as easy as with any other payment method. Just a few steps need to be followed to get money on your casino account and start gambling!

First of all, you need to decide which particular ewallet you want to use for your financial operations at the casino of your choice. Go back to the section in this article that serves to inform you about the most popular types for Canadian gamblers.

As soon as you have chosen the digital wallet, set up your own account by going to the official website of the ewallet of your choice and precisely following all the guides. Don’t forget to verify all the inserted info in order to be able to enjoy all the cool functions and features of your digital purse.

Then, you need to link the digital purse to your bank account in order to be able to carry out all the needed financial operations. Good for you is that it takes only a few moments for e-wallets to perform any kind of transaction.

After that, go to your casino account and indicate your e-wallet as a preferred depositing method in the casino where you gamble.

Basically, that’s it! Now, you can insert the sum of money you want to deposit on your casino account and enjoy gambling right away!

How to Withdraw with E-wallets

The withdrawal procedure is even simpler than depositing since most of the necessary steps you have taken already, such as selecting the best digital purse for you, setting up your ewallet account, linking it to the bank account etc.

All you need to do to be able to withdraw your funds is just to indicate the e-wallet of your preference in the banking section of your casino account as the withdrawal method.

On this step, you might need to double the info you’ve already typed in the depositing section.

It’s done! Now you need to just indicate the sum you wanna withdraw and wait for the money to be transferred either on your ewallet or directly on the bank account!

Alternatives to E-wallets for Canadian Gamblers

Even though e-wallets are really the best payment method for gambling transactions that we highly recommend you to opt for, you might still want to learn other alternatives, such as EntroPay, WebMoney, Wirecard, Visa Electron, PayPal, Qiwi e-Wallet, Zimpler, Neteller, Entropy, GiroPay, iDebit, Citadel, eCheck, Skrill, Mastercard, Visa credit card, Bitcoin, EcoPayz, Maestro card, casinos that accept paysafe, Trustly etc. Nevertheless, we still urge you to go back to the e-wallets types section in this expert review and to choose out of the options you can see listed there. We promise they are truly the best, especially, when it comes to the low deposit gambling sites!


To sum up, you must have understood already that there’s plenty of various e-wallets that we highly recommend you to choose from for your online gaming since these are truly the best payment methods for Canadian gamblers! Just choose the best ewallet casino for you and enjoy enthrilling gambling there!

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