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Looking for the best way to make a deposit in an online casino in Canada? Debit cards is definitely among the best option for depositing funds for your gambling in the best Canadian online casinos whose list you can see as you visit the main page devoted to online casinos on our NativeCasinos website.

Nowadays, there are so many payment options available for online gambling, such as credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, pay by phone options etc. Looking at all these options, you might wonder what’s so special about debit cards and why they are the ones that need to be opted as your preferred depositing method. Keep on reading to get the answer to this question and many others.

Below you can see the main section in this debit cards expert review since it serves to let you know what are the best Canadian online casinos that take debit cards as both depositing and withdrawal methods. In addition, in that list you can also learn what welcome bonus you can get there, how many games are available in the casino, and what alternative payment methods can be offered to you along with debit cards.

Canadian Online Casinos Accepting Debit Cards

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Royal Slots Casino
107 votes, average: 4.05 out of 5107 votes, average: 4.05 out of 5107 votes, average: 4.05 out of 5107 votes, average: 4.05 out of 5107 votes, average: 4.05 out of 5
  • Paysafecard
  • InstaDebit
  • Neteller
  • debit card
  • idebit
  • MasterCard
House of Jack
112 votes, average: 3.88 out of 5112 votes, average: 3.88 out of 5112 votes, average: 3.88 out of 5112 votes, average: 3.88 out of 5112 votes, average: 3.88 out of 5
  • Paysafecard
  • Ecopayz
  • InstaDebit
  • Neteller
  • debit card
  • Skrill

What is a Debit Card Casino?

Basically, debit cards casinos are online casinos that accept debit cards. Probably, there’s no really need to tell you what a debit card is because you have definitely used it many times in your life.

Every single time you make a payment with a physical plastic card, it’s either a debit or a credit banking option. The main and perhaps the only difference between them is that there’s no credit line on a debit card, which means that you can pay only with your own money that are on the card. Evidently, it automatically excludes an option of borrowing the money from the bank using a debit card. To do that, you need a credit one.

Because of this peculiarity, on the one hand, debit banking option is a really good choice for casino deposits because you won’t spend more money than you actually have, yet, on the other hand, it might also be a not so good option since you can’t make just a small loan in case you are really sure that you need just one small bet to win it all! Below, you can find the sections that serve to inform you in more detail what are the advantages and disadvantages of playing in online casinos accepting debit cards.

Advantages of Casinos with Debit Cards

  • Using a debit banking option, you can always control the sum of money you deposit on your casino account and spend on gambling. In such a way, even if you are extremely enthralled with the gaming process and can’t stop betting yourself, a debit card is your best controller and a stop signal since it won’t let you bet when you run out of money. For this very reason, you definitely won’t spend more money than you have, which is a substantial advantage of debit cards compared to credit cards.
  • Debit cards are extremely easy to use. You need to take just a few really easy steps to perform any kind of financial operations, specifically making deposits on gambling websites as well as withdrawing your winnings.
  • It’s an extremely widespread payment methods in online casinos, which means that this payment option is available almost everywhere.
  • You can make deposits and withdraw your winnings really fast with debit banking options, which is a really important advantage when you can’t wait and wanna gamble right away or when you want to spend your winnings or at least to get them on your card to make sure that they are real.

Disadvantages of Debit Cards Casinos

Talking about disadvantages of this banking option, just bear in mind that they may well turn into advantages, so don’t rush to conclusions, check all the disadvantages listed below carefully to objectively decide whether they might be any kind of problem personally for you and your gambling.

  • First of all, there’s no credit line on the debit plastic. Well, actually, it was listed among the advantages. What a paradox, huh? In fact, sometimes it might be a real problem, for instance, in case if you have a really good hand that is very likely to bring you a huge winning pot, yet you run out of all the money, you have no other option but to leave the game right in the middle of it. That would be quite a disappointment, huh?
  • It’s rather inconvenient to type in your card details every single time you make a deposit in an online casino accepting this banking option. If you don’t have your card in your hands at this very moment, you won’t be able to insert all the required details to proceed unless you have learnt them all by heart.
  • In addition, it might be really scary to disclose your banking details to a casino, especially if you doubt whether it’s a reliable one. For this reason, we urge you to make your choice wisely and choose only out of those casinos that you can see listed either on this specific webpage or our main Canadian online casinos web page where you can be sure in every single casino since all of them are licensed, highly rated, tested and double checked by our experts who guarantee that it’s safe to play on those gambling websites that are surely secured and protected by SSL encryption that keeps all your secret data safe.
  • Finally, you might lose your debit card, which means that your card details won’t be known to you any longer, so you’ll need to reissue it or choose another payment alternative. However, you can always block the card if it’s stolen or lost and change this payment method into a new debit card or whatever else you want.

Evidently, there are many different types of debit cards, so you might wonder which one is the best. For you to understand, there’s no the best option since all of them are more or less similar. That’s why we recommend that you don’t issue a new debit cards specially for gambling, instead you can use the one you already have. However, we do understand that you might want to issue a separate debit banking option for gambling in order to store the funds for gambling separately from the rest of your finances.

Below you can see the list of the most popular and globally known debit cards for you to be aware of the best options in case you wanna get a new banking option for gambling. However, don’t be disappointed if the banking option you already have isn’t listed here. We promise that the list we suggest you to look through is far not the fullest. Its only goal is just to familiarize you with the globally top debit cards.

  • Visa is probably the best known banking company worldwide. That’s why it’s obviously the first name that comes to your mind when you think of plastic cards, be it debit or credit ones. This company was founded in the far 1958. Since then, it has gained truly impressive reputation as a global banking company whose cards (both debit and credit) are commonly used by mostly all the people in the world. Evidently, such a crazy popularity of visa as a global leader makes it definitely the best payment option for gambling since it’s truly secure and reliable. Besides, it’s supported by the best banks in the world, which makes all the transactions fast and safe. We bet you have this banking option or at least used to for it’s so amazingly popular that there’s probably no adult person in the developed world who has never heard about visa or never had this banking option.
  • MasterCard is another leading banking option along with visa. Usually, they are mentioned together because they both are globally known. So, MasterCard is a huge card issuer whose products are accepted and used in over 200 countries! Sounds really impressive, huh? Similarly to visa, all the financial transactions performed with MasterCard are extremely easy, fast, and safe. All the fees imposed by MasterCard are reasonably  low.
  • Maestro is also quite a well known banking companies that is also tightly associated with MasterCard since Maestro is actually a project created by MasterCard, who is considered to be Maestro’s corporate parent. Similarly to the previous card issuers, Maestro is also accepted worldwide and its plastic production is considered to be of impressively high level of security. What’s also particular about this card issuer is that it has myriads of ATMs in 13 millions locations worldwide. In addition, Maestro casinos are considered among the safest options that’s why you must be really interested in this banking method for your gambling.
  • American Express that is also known as AmEx, which is another highly recognized debit card issuer, especially in the USA and Canada, so it’s definitely an interesting option for you to consider if you’re thinking of issuing a new debit card specifically for your gambling activities. So, what benefits it can boast of? First of all, all the transactions are performed extremely fast with American Express. Secondly, American Express cards are really safe, so any kind of fraud are absolutely excluded if you use AmEx. Finally, there’s a rewards program specially designed for American Express users, so you can get various really cool and tasty bonuses, gifts, prizes etc. if you use AmEx for your gambling transactions.

How to deposit at Debit Cards Casinos

Depositing funds on your casino account is really easy if you use debit cards. It’s probably the easiest way in fact.

First of all, you need to choose a debit casino where you intend to play.

Then you need to get registered filling in all the requested info. The most important section in this case is the one dealing with banking methods.

There, you need to indicate the debit card you wanna use for all the deposits you make at the casino.

Input all the cards details that you can find on it, such as the card holder name, the card number, expiration date, and, finally, the security code. Don’t worry these details are needed only to perform the transactions. No one will ever be able to use them without your awareness and consent.

After you are done with all the registration process and have verified all the provided info, it’s time for you to insert the sum you want to deposit on the casino account. It will take only a few minutes for you to get the money on your account. Right after that, you can enjoy gambling!

How to Withdraw with Debit Cards

Withdrawals are perhaps even more important when it comes to gambling since you are aspiring to win something, so you definitely need to know how you can withdraw your winnings.

First of all, we want to tell you that you must be really blessed having this opportunity to deposit and withdraw using the same banking method, which is possible owing to debit cards.

Similarly, to the depositing procedure, a preferred withdrawal method needs to be indicated on the banking methods page while you are getting registered on a gambling website. Evidently, you also need to input all the cards details that you can find on it, such as the card holder name, the card number, expiration date, and, finally, the security code.

The verification of withdrawal methods happens along with depositing methods. So you don’t need to bother verifying your card details twice.

When you want to withdraw your winnings, go to your gambling account and indicate the sum you want to transfer on your debit card.

Bear in mind that sometimes you need to meet all the wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. In addition, there are certain withdrawal limits on different gambling websites, so you’d better clarify all these issues before carrying out the withdrawal procedure.

Mind that withdrawals usually take longer than depositing, so you’ll need to wait for some time, usually from 6 hours to 7 or even 21 days before you can get the winnings on your card and enjoy spending your gambling money!

Alternative Payment Methods for Canadians

There’s no doubt that debit cards is a really good payment option for Canadian gamblers as well most of other gamblers worldwide. Nevertheless, if you still want to consider other payment methods, just check the following list of really worthy alternatives: EntroPay, WebMoney, Visa credit card,  iDebit, Zimpler, Citadel, Neteller, GiroPay, Visa Electron, Qiwi e-Wallet, EcoPayz, PayPal, Skrill, Entropy, eCheck, Wirecard, Bitcoin, Trustly.


To sum up, debit cards is among the easiest, safest, and fastest payment methods for making deposits and withdrawing your winnings in online casinos. Good news is that this cool banking option is available almost in every casino, which makes it your top priority when it comes to any kind of financial transactions for your gambling activities!

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