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PaysafeCard Online Casinos

Considering various banking options for gambling, you need to opt for the ones that are surely safe and easy to use. In addition, it’s preferable that the payment method is convenient and easily available on your smartphone in case you decide to play in the mobile version. Besides, you need to clarify it with your bank whether or not it lets you to carry out gambling transactions and find out if any additional fees are charged in this case. Moreover, you are definitely after fast depositing methods since you wanna gamble right after making a deposit instead of waiting for ages before the money is transferred on your gambling account. Taking all these issues into account, you can see it yourself how important it is to find the optimal banking option that will meet these requirements.

We are glad to tell you that paysafecard is among such payment methods that are safe, convenient, fast, and reliable. Read for more details and peculiarities of this payment method below in this expert review. Specifically, here you will find out some really interesting and useful info about which online casinos accept paysafecard, what are the pros and cons of casinos with paysafecard, depositing and withdrawing peculiarities on casino sites that accept paysafecard etc. Keep on reading to know how to use PaysafeCard and whether it’s really the best option for you.

PaysafeCard is an extremely convenient and secure banking option since it requires from you to make deposits not online, but in cash, which makes this kind of banking operation really safe since none of your personal banking data is shared online. Paysafe Card is basically a prepaid card, so you can transfer your funds either to other bank accounts or directly withdraw cash in ATMs that accept PaysafeCard. Paysafe Card is owned by Paysafe Group Plc., who is also a parent company for such popular banking methods as NETELLER and Skrill. In such a way, PaysafeCard belongs to the largest banking corporation in the world, which definitely makes it trustworthy and reliable.

Canadian Online Casinos Accepting Paysafe Card

You might wonder how we decide that PaysafeCard is an extremely popular banking option. Well, you’ll definitely understand everything right after you check the list of Canadian online casinos accepting Paysafe Card for there are really lots of them. In the table below, you can also find the info regarding what bonuses you can get in a particular casino, how many games are available for your gambling entertainment, and what alternative depositing methods you can use on a particular website. We suggest that you now just scroll down this list and go back to it after reading our review and deciding whether you really want to play in Canadian online casinos accepting paysafecard.

Casinos that Accept Paysafecard Explained

Paysafecard substantially differs from other Canadian banking options for gambling wince it’s not a typical digital wallet, but a prepaid card that you can use for making deposits in all the Canadian online casinos still accepting paysafecard. This banking service was established in 2000, since then there have been as many as 1 billion users whose number constantly keeps growing.

You might wonder how the paysafecard works. Actually, it’s similar to the prepaid voucher and works exactly the same way. First of all, you need to purchase a prepaid card in one of 500 thousand various supermarkets and retails. It’s definitely sold in your nearest outlet, but you can also check it on the official website where specifically you can get a prepaid card.

As you buy the card, you can choose yourself the voucher denomination that can be of the following value – 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 in the local currency. If you gamble and buy the card in Canada, evidently, your currency is Canadian dollars. However, if you want, there’s absolutely no problem in changing it into American dollars or Euros. For high rollers, there are also suggested 125, 150, and 175 vouchers so that you can invest more money in gambling.

The very nature of paysafecard is pretty much alike to a store gift card. Wanna know why? Well, it has a 16-digit PIN number that you need to enter every single time you make deposit on the gambling website. Evidently, paysafecard works only one way, which means that you can only make deposits using it, while withdrawing your winnings is not possible with this banking service.

In addition, we warn you that all the leftover balance is available on your card, yet you need to bear in mind that there’s a monthly fee of £3 that will be deducted from your balance after a year since you’ve bought and have been using the card. That’s why it would be better for you to spend all the money before the first year of using it is over in order to avoid losing £3 every month. As an alternative, you can pay a single time fee that equals £6 in order to redeem all the remaining cash on the prepaid card. Evidently, if you have less than £6 or just slightly more, there’s absolutely no point in that. In order to check the balance on your card, just go to the official website, access your account, and enter the PIN.

Talking about using paysafecard on casinos, it’s fair to say that it’s a really good depositing method, yet it can’t be used for withdrawals, so you are better to go to the alternatives section and find a more convenient payment method for you.

Countries that Accept Paysafecard

Wanna know the list of countries where online gambling is legal so there are casinos who accept paysafecard? Check out the following options: European countries, such as Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Denmark etc.; the North and South American countries, e.g., – Canada, the USA, Mexico, Peru, and Argentina (Paysafecard Argentina casinos are quite popular in fact); New Zealand, Australia, some Middle East countries. Quite an impressive list, huh? What you should pay special attention to is that paysafecard is among the most popular depositing methods specifically for Canadian gamblers. Learn more about the pros and cons of paysafecard deposit casinos in the advantages and disadvantages sections below in this article.

In addition, we want to share with you the list of really cool casinos that accept paysafecard in Australia, check them in the table below.

  • over 1,000 gaming options;
  • unique VIP program whose main prize is Ferrari 488 GTB;
  • 24/7 reliable support team;
  • tons of cool welcome and regular bonuses;
  • user-friendly mobile casino
Raging Bull
  • RTG-powered online casino to play for real money;
  • limited gaming collection of 200 options, including slots, video poker, table games, and other specialties;
  • 24/7 live chat;
  • $2,500 Welcome Bonus Pack
  • over 1,500 game options;
  • a dozen different currencies;
  • SoftSwiss family member, solid reputation;
  • $400 deposit bonus and up to 120 free spins
King Billy
  • a generous welcome bonus, plenty of cool cash bonuses, free spins etc.;
  • over 2,000 games of different categories including video poker, table games, jackpot slots, video slots, card games, live dealer games
Red Stag
  • 200 games by WGS Technologies, including video slots, classic slots,  table games, progressives,and video poker;
  • mobile casino Paysafecard deposits;
  • cool match bonuses and many other promotions

Advantages of a Paysafecard Casino

  • You can absolutely rely on PaysafeCard since it’s possessed by the largest banking corporation in the world that has quite a good reputation worldwide.
  • With PaysafeCard, you won’t be bothered with any additional registrations, data verification or slow transactions.
  • This payment method is extremely easy to use. Providing that you have a prepaid paysafecard, you can make deposits instantaneously! Basically, start using Paysafe Card is really easy, you just need to buy a 16-digit code that can be redeemed for cash.
  • There are hundreds of worthy online casinos accepting this depositing method, so you have a truly wide range of gambling options to choose from.
  • You can easily control your spendings since there’s absolutely no way for you to spend more than you have on the card. If you wanna increase your spending, you’ll need to buy another card, which will definitely take some time.
  • Paysafe Card allows you to operate with as many as five popular currencies (US dollar, pound, euro, Swiss franc, and Swedish krona), which make it convenient to use for people from different countries of world.
  • You can make deposits casinos paysafecard absolutely anonymously, which substantially increases your safety and security. In addition, since you can deposit funds on the card only in cash so that none of your banking data is revealed online, all your money is really safe with PaysafeCard.
  • You don’t have to pay any fees for making deposits on gambling websites. If you’re asked to pay any kind of fee, then you are highly likely to deal with a scam casino. To avoid such undesirable experience, we insist that you go back to the section right under the intro of this professional review and choose out of the suggested options of trusted licensed casinos online com paysafecard.
  • There’s a really cool option to top up your account balance immediately.
  • It’s really cool that there’s the PaysafeCard app that you can install on your mobile phone to be able to perform all kinds of banking operations online in a very convenient way.
  • This banking service is extremely user friendly owing to its easy use and intuitive navigation.
  • What you’ll definitely find beneficial is that there are no fees and commissions if you play in a paysafe card casino online. If you’re still charged, then this casino isn’t reliable. That’s why you need to check the list of casinos we compiled specially for you to prevent you from any kind of unsatisfying experience.

Paysafecard Casinos Safety

What you definitely have no need to worry about is your safety and security while playing in casinos online paysafecard. The most compelling argument for that is that you don’t need to enter any of your personal details, which means that you can stay absolutely anonymous while making deposits. Wanna know how it works? Since you can deposit funds on the card only in cash so that none of your banking data is revealed online, all your money is really safe with PaysafeCard. Consequently, there’s absolutely no way for your secret info to be disclosed and exposed to third parties, so it’s really worth opting for this cool depositing method.

Paysafecard Bonuses

There’s plenty of tasty bonuses you can get if you choose to play in Canadian paysafecard casinos. Check the table below to see what kind of no deposit and deposit bonuses you can get in different casinos.

Bet 365 CasinoDEPOSIT BONUS – 100% up to $100 (Deposit min. £10)
Betfair Casino25 BONUS SPINS, DEPOSIT BONUS – 100% up to $100 (Deposit and wager minimum €/£5)
888 CasinoNO DEPOSIT BONUS – $88, DEPOSIT BONUS – 100% up to $200
Rizk CasinoNO DEPOSIT BONUS – 10 Spins, DEPOSIT BONUS – 100% up to $100 + 50 Spins
10 Bet CasinoDEPOSIT BONUS – up to $1000 (Min. deposit €20)
Mr Green CasinoNO DEPOSIT BONUS – 20 Spins, DEPOSIT BONUS – 100% up to €100 + 100 Spins
Energy CasinoNO DEPOSIT BONUS – 15 Spins, DEPOSIT BONUS – up to $400 + 100 Spins
Vera & John CasinoDEPOSIT BONUS – 200% up to $100
32 Red CasinoDEPOSIT BONUS – 150% up to $150 (Min. £10 deposit)
Jackpot City CasinoDEPOSIT BONUS – up to $1600
Casumo CasinoNO DEPOSIT BONUS  – 30 Spins, DEPOSIT BONUS – up to $300 + 200 Spins

Disadvantages of Paysafecard casino payments

  • Perhaps the most substantial disadvantage of this prepaid depositing method is that it can’t be used for withdrawing your winnings since it can be used only for replenishing your casino account.
  • For some gamblers it might be really inconvenient that you can deposit funds on your PaysafeCard only in cash because nowadays the prevailing majority prefers to do all the banking operations online.
  • PaysafeCard might be somewhat inconvenient for US players since according to the US Department of Justice online casinos don’t accept deposits made with US dollars, yet US players can deposit funds in other currencies if a chosen paysafe card casino’s policies allow that.
  • You can get a physical Paysafecard in two ways – either go to any certified retailer in your neighbourhood or buy the voucher in the specified store, which is time-consuming and not really convenient.
  • You can get the code online instead of a physical voucher, but it’s a less secure and more expensive way of using Paysafecard.
  • Please do mind that you can’t perform withdrawal operations with PaysafeCard since it’s a prepaid card that is meant exceptionally for making deposits.
  • You might wonder if there’s a Paysafe card casino bonus. We are really sorry to disappoint you – it doesn’t exist.

So, if you think that these disadvantages are really important ones, we suggest that you go to the alternatives section below in this expert review to look for other decent banking systems that you could use for both deposits and withdrawals.

FAQ about PaysafeСard

Making deposits at paysafecard casinos is really easy. Find a convenient place (usually, it’s a certified retailer in your neighbourhood or in a specialized store) for you where you can buy a paysafecard of the value you want. Usually, the values are the following - €10, €25, €50, and €100. Basically, you just need to enter the sum of money you want to deposit and insert the 16-digit code that you can see on the card in order to verify this transaction. Finally, go to the casino and choose PaysafeCard as a deposit method there. Now you can make deposits of any value from the funds available on your prepaid PaysafeCard. Just enter the sum of money that you want to deposit, and get the funds on your casino account instantly! Now, you can start gambling, our dear friend!

As you must have learnt already, there’s absolutely no way to withdraw your winnings using this or any other prepaid card. That’s why you need to carefully read the section right below this one in order to find a really good alternative for you.

Absolutely! This payment method is a really good option for Canadian gamblers, especially taking into account the fact that there are many supermarkets and different other places where you can buy this prepaid card.

The maximum deposit you can make using this depositing method depends on the casino where you play since it may impose its own limits. However, you should know that there are certain values of this prepaid card, so you definitely can’t exceed the maximum. In such a way, the maximum deposit you can make, first of all, depends on the value of your prepaid card that can be worth 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 of Canadian dollars. However, for high rollers, there can also be offered prepaid cards of higher values, such as 125, 150, and 175 of Canadian dollars.

Yes, they are carried out instantaneously. No need to wait until the money is deposited on your account. Just enter the sum you want to deposit and start gambling at once!

There are many generous deposit and no deposit bonuses that can be offered to you on the gambling websites that accept this banking option.

The depositing procedure might be a bit troublesome, yet it’s really safe. First, you need to buy the card either from a certified retailer in your neighbourhood or in a specialized store. Second, you need to choose the card value, it usually varies depending on the country in the following way: €10, €25, €50 and €100. Third, check the 16-digit code on your card and remember it in order to make deposits in any paysafe card casino online of your choice. Finally, go to the casino and choose PaysafeCard as a deposit method there. Now you can make deposits of any value from the funds available on your prepaid PaysafeCard. Just enter the sum of money that is available on your card and which you want to deposit, and get the funds on your casino account instantly!

Please bear in mind that you can’t choose Paysafe Card as a withdrawal method since it’s a prepaid card, which means that it’s available for making deposits only. So, you need to choose a different banking system to withdraw your winnings. Don’t worry though, it’s quite a popular tendency to use one payment method for depositing funds and another for withdrawing them. That’s why it shouldn’t be a reason for you to choose another depositing method instead of PaysafeCard. Just go to the alternatives section above in this expert review to look for other decent banking systems that you could use for withdrawals or even for both, deposits and withdrawals.

Alternatives to Paysafecard for Canadian Gamblers

In case you’re interested in withdrawing your winnings with the same banking system you use for making deposits, we recommend that you check the following list featuring decent alternatives to paysafecard fro Canadian gamblers: Maestro card, Discover, JCB, NETeller, eCheck, B2B, Visa, EntroPay, EZvouchers, MyCitadel, Click2pay, Moneta, Skrill, Wire Transfer, Diners Club, Interac, GoldPay, Wirecard, Trustly, Visa credit card, EcoCard, PostePay, iKoruna, Mypaylinq, E-Payment standard, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Zimpler, InstaDebit, Qiwi, Ukash, Instant Banking by Citadel, Sofort, Visa Electron, Instadebit, MoneyOrder, ClickandBuy, GiroPay, Entropay, WebMoney, Laser, Abaqoos, Western Union, Paypal, Mister Cash, MoneyBookers, American Express, eNETS etc.


Overall, paysafecard is definitely a worthy banking option for Canadian gamblers. PaysafeCard is one of the most secure, reliable and popular banking options in the world. What you’ll definitely find beneficial is that there are no fees and commissions if you play in a paysafe card casino online. Native Casinos highly recommends PaysafeCard to all the gamblers worldwide. However, if you are a US gambler, please bear in mind that your government doesn’t allow you to gamble in online casinos with US dollars, so you need to choose a different currency for gambling. You might also dislike that this banking service is available only for making deposits on your gambling account, while the withdrawals can’t be conducted with this payment method. That’s why this substantial drawback might serve as a good reason for you to look for better alternatives that you will be able to use for both depositing and withdrawing your winnings. However, we wouldn’t recommend you to disregard this payment method at all. Just choose two different banking options for deposits and withdrawals and that’s it!

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